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10 advantages of online therapy

Over time we are seeing an increase in cases where the user prefers to carry out their personal development process through online therapy sessions. Thanks to the tools offered by the Internet, psychology professionals can offer one more alternative to those people who, due to their situation, cannot attend a face-to-face consultation. In this article we will analyze which are the benefits of online psychology.

Advantages of online therapy

1. Improved schedule compatibility

Thanks to the time flexibility, users can choose the best time to carry out their personal and/or professional development process without interfering with their responsibilities and daily activities.

This generates in the user a feeling of power in the management of time so important in order to therefore carry out any type of routine worked during the session of online psychology.

2. Therapy monitoring

The online therapy allows the user the possibility of contacting his psychologist through his own mail, Apps or other platforms and applications available for any smartphone. The possibility of offering a follow up outside the online therapy sessions provides security and a great therapeutic benefit to the client or user. It also allows the professional to obtain a follow-up of the objectives set during the session.

3. No geographical barriers

On many occasions, users themselves have problems travelling to a face-to-face session and find online psychology a great way to work on their personal growth process. In addition, for those people who work in other countries for work or personal reasons, doing the online psychology sessions allows them to do therapy in their own language and express themselves freely without any kind of concealment.

4. It helps to maintain anonymity

Many people who go to therapy online do so because they worry that others will think they have problems. There is still that stigma that going to a psychologist is synonymous with having problems. We take advantage of the article to say that, indeed, everyone has problems, but those who go to a psychologist are doing so because they want to solve them or because they want to develop on a personal and/or professional level. Having “problems” is not always de reason to go to therapy.

5. Greater savings

Generally, online therapy consultations are usually cheaper because of the savings on travel by car or public transport. Nor should we forget the time we can save on travel, as for the vast majority this variable is very important.

6. Greater intimacy and well-being

Online psychological therapy sessions can be effective for those people who have difficulties in opening up emotionally to their psychologist. They tend to feel less judged when working through their own difficulties and are sometimes more easily encouraged to make a commitment to their online psychologist.

7. Security and trust

Being able to carry out the therapy online from home, allows the user to feel more secure because he is in a place that he knows and transmits confidence. This source of control will help the client to obtain greater benefits in their personal or professional development process as well as to create a more familiar environment in the relationship with their psychologist.

8. Comfortable and suitable for young people

Nowadays most young people know how to use new technologies (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.) so they find it much more attractive and modern to be able to communicate with their psychologist or ‘coach’ through them. Being able to talk through different Apps to consult any concern allows them to obtain greater satisfaction and personal well-being. Undoubtedly, a great solution for those young people who do not want to attend a more conventional therapy.

9. To be able to choose freely

Being able to decide which psychologist to work with helps a lot in the self-confidence of the user since it produces a great empowerment by being the one who makes a decision to start working. This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages when it comes to online therapy, since you don’t have to limit yourself to the psychology professionals in your neighborhood or city. On the other hand, it is also a benefit for the online psychologist himself since he can offer his services anywhere on the planet.

10. Combining online therapy with face-to-face sessions

Being able to offer the possibility of combining face-to-face psychology sessions with online therapy sessions can be a good solution for those people who travel a lot for work (business, etc.), artistic (actors, actresses, musicians, dancers, etc.) or personal (pleasure, adventure, leisure, etc.) reasons. With this remedy we can give continuity to the work and therapy being carried out without having to interrupt it temporarily.

Which one is better? Online therapy or face-to-face psychology?

Depending on the case, it is better to go to a psychology consultation in person or to an online therapy. The main reasons for deciding whether to go to one or the other will depend on the psychologists who are close to the client’s home, the trust they generate in knowing them and the temporary availability of the user who wants to go through a process of personal development. It is essential to know the advantages of online therapy and face-to-face psychology as well as their disadvantages.

By UPAD Psicología y Coaching


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